Pat (pat452) wrote in mikeyistheshiz,

I watched Incubus last March.. Best thing EVER. I was holding up this huge-ass sign saying "Mike is our hot dancer" and in between songs I was like "WOOOOOO!!! MIIIIKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!" So a couple days later, my sister's friend showed us an interview that some radio station did with Incubus, and Brandon was saying that he heard a lot of screams for Mike and Kilmore, but hardly any for himself.. Hahhaha. And Mike was like "People like me!!" So I was like "They heard me!!! Aaaahhhh!! *faint*" So after that I just got on the phone and started calling everyone, and I was just screaming "MIKE HEARD ME MIKE HEARD ME MIKE HEARD ME!!!" But pretty much everyone (even the ones who were at the concert) was like "Um. Who the hell is Mike?" lfjdlfk. Sad.

Anyway just wanted to share :p
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