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a new skin...

Hey all!!!! i was searching through incubus-related communities and when I saw this one, I was so happy to finally see a place dedicated to the greatest guitarist on the planet!!! Every community I usually see (for a specific member) is for Brandon (and don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Brandon), but mikey deserves the same admiration too!!! So anyways, I just wanted to say hello to everyone!!!! incubus totally rocks my socks and they will always rock (because they're the greatest band on the planet)! i hope to get to know all you guys soon!!!! :)

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ahhhhhh lucky!!! i can't wait to see them, i have to wait until the 25th of this month to see them at madison square in new york!!! i'm sooo excited, they totally rock live (this is gonna be my fifth time seeing them), and they ALL never cease to amaze me! btw, thanks for the welcome!!! :)