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Einziger is the man

Yes! Finally! A whole group of people who are as obsessed with Mike Einziger as much as I am! Well, at least they like him..but anyways, I want more people to write stuff in here..and although I have nothing particularily exciting to say, I might as well say something

Has anyone gotten the Alive at Red Rocks DVD yet? I got that the other day and I am ecstatic. Mike is such a fucking awesome guitarist! The guitar solo in "Priceless" blows my mine no matter how many times I watch it, and I that transition between guitar solo and piano during "Here in My Room" pwned. He's the coolest.

Brandon, Jose, Kilmore, and Ben were awesome too. I used to strongly dislike Ben, I'm not sure why, probalby just because he replaced Dirk, but after this I had more respect for him. If only just a little.

And does anyone know what that song at the end of "Vitamin" was? That was awesome as well.

I bet no one is even going to read or respond to this post but I don't care because I need to let it out

And so ends the first of many pointless posts.
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